is a project by the two artists and brothers Theo Boettger and Martin Böttger founded in 2010.
MOMA is arranging their performances live in combination with video-projection strategies to underline
there contemporary relations.
MOMA‘s sound is more like a chopper from noise variations between noise and hysteria, break
beats, grime, rudiments short flashed pop melodies, post punk,
glitch dis-functionality and occasionally emerging rave staccato.

Theo Boettger / Paintings, Installation
Martin Böttger / Visual Art, Installation

2010 - 2017
Performance "WE ARE" / Arttspring@Milchhof / Berlin
Musicvideo "Alive" / Dredd
Musicvideo "Alive" / Alive
Performance"Vyger" / Galerie3Ringe / Leipzig
Musicvideo "Miracle" / Miracle
Performance "OKKO" / Culsterfestival / Winnipeg
Performance "MASH" / Import Export / documenta13 Kassel

Performance "The Orakel" / Kunstverein Wolfsburg
Workshop     "experimental audiovisual strategies"KunsthochschuleKassel
Performance "OKKO" / Kunstsammlung Gera
Performance "OKKO" / geh8 Kunstraum Dresden
Performance "OKKO" / Haus23 Cottbus

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